Imperfect, the Spoonseat (‘Ulysses’ pages 620-670)

Photo of a school of fish
by Lance Anderson/Unsplash

Imperfect, the spoonseat:
wooden profundity,
metamorphoses to inverted basket.

Possible amusement:
fish on bicycles
excelled in world’s wheels games.
Power race!

Theoretical catastrophe:
Harry cut time,
making hour suppressed.

Turningpoint of nightblue atmosphere:
luminous constellations rendered unstable.
space furled, unfolded in design.
Inverted days!
Unhooked minutes!

Parrot countrybound:
course to discovery.

Count Cuckoo, Canarybird (‘Ulysses’ pages 363-413)

Photo of a cuckoo clock
by Kmtextor/Wikimedia Commons

“Count cuckoo, canarybird,”
the hour rightwiseness was spoke.

Doubt cast terrorcausing quiet.

Remembrance applepie youth,
clock poured tears.
’Tis running life with storms
and wibblywobbly forecast:
of joyful instances,
lonely labours.

Starborn wish:
mysteries beheld the philosopher,
whereby memory told clock:
“Hurroo! Sprung time,
you round, lurching discontent!”

Stubborn mirror gasps.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams