Book Review: Seeing Things

Seeing Things, by Sonora Taylor

Middle school is difficult anyway, and it must be much worse when you see blood coming out of a locker, and when you get closer, you see a bloody-faced girl stuck inside the locker. And nobody else in the school can see those things.

Abby has started to see ghosts. It’s a lot for this thirteen-year-old girl. So is the fact that the other students, teachers, the principal, her parents — all of them don’t believe Abby when she claims she sees the poor girl in locker 751.

The locker girl isn’t the only ghost who pops up. There are a handful of others in the school, around town, and seen when Abby visits Uncle Keith at the Massachusetts shore during summer.

That visit brings more drama, since Uncle Keith recently lost his job as a high school English teacher, his long-term girlfriend left him, and there’s a missing student — whom Keith had tutored after school.

Sonora Taylor raises these mysteries and offers information in bits. Abby discovers more as she seeks information on Uncle Keith’s role in the missing student, as well as details of murders on Blueberry Island. And all along, Abby has to deal with seeing blood flowing in different places, and those ghosts.

I liked Abby’s character for her persistence to keep pushing to find out more. She’s understandably scared of her new ability to see ghosts, and understandably frustrated with adults not being more open to sharing info with her. She’s at the age where adults can treat her as if she’s still a child, and they have to stretch to treat her as the young adult she’s becoming.

This is a good story of growing up and trying to navigate more for yourself.

Also, I liked how Sonora Taylor didn’t come up with an antagonist who’s easily definable as just evil. There’s nuance to make for interesting characters.