Tale of Two Captains

Captain Morgan held fast to the rigging
as the ship keeled sickeningly to port
before finally, exasperatingly, righting itself.
He snapped,
“I told you we needed to wait another day
before Rounding the Horn!
This storm’ll be the death of us!
The ship’ll be dashed
into a thousand pieces!”

Captain Crunch, also holding fast,
narrowed his eyes and growled through
the tiny gap between
his gritted teeth,
“She’ll hold up, just you wait and see.”

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Returning Home from Attempted Conquest

Troop ship limped into port–
soldiers clomped to pubs or homes.
Entering his home,
the general finally allowed
his shoulders to slump.
The fire of conquest
was replaced by a hot bath,
then stew and homemade bread.
Sitting at the oak table
by his wife,
he felt that
he was a different man
than the one who left months ago.