Xob of Chocolates

Drawing of a box of chocolates, with some of the spots empty where chocolates used to rest.

Who put the chocolates in the wrong places?
The caramel-filled piece is supposed to go
in the box’s top right corner,
but it turned out to be hazelnut
when I ate it.

Someone moved all the pieces!
They’re mixed up from the original package!
This is no longer a box of chocolates,
it’s a xob of chocolates.

And someone threw away the paper guide
that tells which chocolate is which,
so I could figure out some of the chocolates
by their shapes.

What if I’m in the mood for a coconut cream,
and I pick up a strawberry cream?
When I bite into it, my plans would be ruined,
my dreams smashed!

This is chaos!
This won’t do!
The chocolates should be a certain way!
We have to straighten this out!
We must have order instead of mayhem!

Without the guide, how could I arrange
the pieces in the correct positions?
It’s an impossible situation!
All hope is lost!

Well, they are tasty chocolates.
I guess this could be an adventure,
not knowing which flavor I pick up next.
Okay, I’ll give it a try.

Copyright © 2020 Dave Williams. This poem is in my book, The Dancing Fish. And this poem is included in my narration of four poems from that book — click here for the YouTube video.

Gift for an Old Dog

The old dog heaves a hefty sigh
and lays his head down to sleep.
Before dreams of running take him,
he looks at the girl sitting on the sofa,
and he is grateful for her.
The taller man and woman do not
have the excitement they used to for him,
and now look at him as more of a chore.
But the girl still looks at him as a gift,
and this is a gift back to him.

Sadness or Something Else

One definition of sadness
could be Roger eating handfuls
of dry store-brand
knock-off Lucky Charms
and gazing out a window
at a rainy Saturday afternoon…

either that,
or he’s contemplating
what kinds of magical creatures
he might encounter
and talk with
if the rain clears
and a rainbow bridge appears
and he opens the window
and crosses the bridge
into another world.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Courage and Flowers

At first,
he tried awkward flirting
with the cute clerk
at the bookstore,
he summoned
the courage to bring
a bouquet of flowers
and ask her to dinner,
she said
she had a boyfriend
but was flattered
that he asked,
so he went home
and wrote poetry
about unrequited love,
he went back
to scrolling through
profiles on the
dating website.

Pick the Aspic?

Illustration of a bowl filled with liquid, and an old ship is sailing inside the bowl.

If this restaurant carries it,
I might pick
the aspic.
Don’t look sick—
it’s not a trick,
or a nasty deer tick.
And it’s not soup or stew
or a regrettable tattoo.
It’s aspic,
and if you have the choice among the menu picks,
then you and your friend from New Brunswick
may just pick the aspic.
But be careful its gelatinous trembling
doesn’t make you seasick.

Copyright © 2020 Dave Williams. This poem is in my book, The Dancing Fish.