August Morning in Rehoboth Beach

Wave after wave arrives, recedes, arrives — neverending music of liquid tapping the sand — a pattern copied by my memories of growing up in Rehoboth Beach with my brother, how the wave music was more in the background than under the spotlight on center stage (which happens on family beach vacations), while us kids walked or cycled the boardwalk, went to school, worked in the bookstore, ran around the streets. Called this home. How echoes of those times live in my head and heart. This summer, my daughters are living and working in Rehoboth. Other echoes. Different experiences from mine. My pride of seeing them in this transition of different growth than they’re used to. They are more waves arriving on this beach, bringing their own distinctive music, adding to the concert.

A video from that morning walk (to watch on YouTube, click here)…

Sligo Creek

Photo of a stream, with stones on either side of the water, also with trees on both sides, some of the trees overhanging the stream.

I’m lucky to live near Sligo Creek, which flows by several neighborhoods here in Maryland. A paved path follows the stream, and it’s popular with walkers and joggers. I was especially grateful for the creek in 2020, during the lockdown due to Covid-19. The path made for walks to get fresh air and a distraction from the bad news of more and more people dying from the virus and testing positive.

I recorded videos of four waterfalls along the creek. These are lovely and small — nothing dramatic like you’d see in a hilly or mountainous landscape. The path by the creek is pretty flat.

I combined the four videos into a single one, and each waterfall runs for a minute.

If you’d rather watch the video on YouTube, it’s here.

Reafforest Spare Earth (‘Ulysses’ pages 313-362)

Photo of a thick forest with lots of trees
by Brian Kimble/Unsplash

Reafforest spare earth—
land is embroidered with broadleaved life.

Pigeon changed to dragons,
rising out pigeonhouse!

The stormtossed lass whispered strange blue.
Believe in jaspberry voices
pronouncing “Puffpuff.”
Meaning: “Nature, tingling,
sang heartbroken seashore.”

Beauty was green wood wonder.
Molly had dolphin’s secrets
and knew trees:
daughters of seabirds.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Oak Tree People

Illustration of oak tree with three silhouettes of people forming the tree's trunk

While writing my short story “Tree Made Into Flesh” that was posted yesterday, I remembered an illustration I created last year, to be used on signs for neighborhood community. The signs were not made. That’s okay, as I like how the illustration turned out, an absurd feel to it by combing three silhouettes of people into a tree.

Oak Tree People is available on T-shirts and other products on my Redbubble store.
copyright © 2020 Dave Williams

The Stream Walks


The stream walks, talks,
rushes, gushes,
tumbles, mumbles,
curves, turves,
gargles, bargles,
pauses to see
an overhanging

And the stream
soothes and
smoothes the
stones that
yearn to
roll on and on
and see each and every
perch and nook
of this wild world,
circumrolling the globe
many times over,
just to make sure
everything was seen—
then finally resting on
a mountain peak
to gaze upon
the grand vista.

Copyright © 2020 Dave Williams. Included in my book, The Dancing Fish.