Nobody Will Like This Book

Front cover of Nobody Will Like This Book. It has only gray text on a white background.

My latest book is in the world, like a little bird flying from the nest and exploring the world on its own. This is my first time putting together a children’s book, and its called Nobody Will Like This Book.

(Yeah, it’s a sad title. Kind of like B.B. King singing, “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother.”)

But please don’t throw the book a dismissive wave because of the sad title. There’s hope shining on the horizon, after we get through a metaphorical mucky marsh.

Indeed, this book thinks nobody will like it. The reasons: This book has seen other books with beautiful pictures and colors on their covers. And some other books have pictures and colors on their inside pages.

In contrast, this book has only grays. And some pages don’t have a logical sense why they’re next to each other. The book has many drawings on the inside pages. Some of the drawings are silly, such as a ladybug playing a xylophone.

The book’s outlook changes when a friendly book comes by and explains that being different isn’t bad. Instead, it makes books special.

This book is available at Amazon as an ebook for Kindle and as a paperback (it’s sized 8.5″ x 8.5″ and has 56 pages and is printed just with black ink).

Some of the page spreads…

text on a page: This book thinks nobody will like it.
text on one page: Why? Because this book's words have scratches on them. Text on next page: But that is not the only reason.
A page will silly words on it. For example: Sagurp, Goopfernicken, Quazil, and Lobump
A page spread of an illustration of trees. Three birds and a squirrel are on the trees. Two butterflies and a bee fly around.

Book Review: Mr. Donut & Friends

Book cover of Mr. Donut and Friends

Mr. Donut and Friends: One day when I grow up, written and illustrated by Andrea Benko

After discovering Andrea Benko’s blog, where she posts lovely drawings, I learned that she has published two picture books. I was curious to see more of her work, so I bought the Kindle edition of One day when I grow up.

Thankfully, Covid-19 isn’t a part of this book, as none of the characters is wearing a mask when the new school year starts. Gary the Ghost is the teacher. He says that today, the class is going to explore various jobs. It’s a fun activity for these characters, and each is highlighted with a job and reason for focusing on that job.

A few examples: Spikey the Hedgehog could become a fashion designer, Finn the Shark a doctor, and Pando the Panda an astronaut.

The illustrations are very cute, and I can see how the details in the backgrounds would inspire young readers to spend time on those pages to investigate them. Such as the image of an arched bridge that’s behind Gary the Ghost, who enjoys painting. And the world map, dotted with icons, that’s on the wall next to a hotel’s reception desk.

The book’s last page asks, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Inspiration for grown-ups to have conversations with kids to chat about the many possibilities of jobs out there. The jobs in this book are a good starting point, and jobs beyond these could be discussed.

Check out Andrea Benko’s blog for her fun drawings!