Let’s Talk Shadows

Photo of my shadow on the ground of a parking lot

In the bright mornings,
we need to
stay strong
with the
fear of
our shadows,
since they
continue to 
follow us,
attached as
they are
to our feet,
those feet can
run as fast as they can,
but the shadows
will still be with us,
like projections
of our darkness
which doesn’t
leave either.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Small Fire

Huddled around the outdoor
fireplace in the backyard,
we are grateful for the fire,
as it gives us light and heat
and weapons of sticks aflame
should we need to use them
against a ferocious beast
showing up and maneuvering
in such a way that blocks
our rush into the house
behind the safety of a locked

but I remember reading
tales of ferocious beasts
being able to break through

and they can even
blow a house down
with a mighty breath—

so sticks aflame could
very well come in handy.