Roscoe and the Seagulls

The blur of fur
across the sand
rises the colony
into air’s safety

Golden retriever’s joyous bark
the angry cry of seagulls

Roscoe realizes the birds
won’t play,
so he surges off

The gulls fly to a safer part
of the beach
to continue their debate
over which novel about
seafaring is the best

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Be nice to animals

Take a gander, while the cat yawns,
at her sharp teeth
that could rip me to shreds,
and the parakeet’s beak that could
poke my eyes out in seconds,
and the dog who’s slobbering could really
be him thinking about how tasty I look.
You may say the squirrel is cute,
running across the yard,
but he might wish to chomp on our toes.
While you laugh and say goldfish are harmless,
I bet you have never considered the
very real possibility that a thousand of them
could leap out of their fish tanks and
fly at me and nibble me to death.

Please be nice to animals,
since we don’t know
what they’re thinking about.