Book Reviews: Unique and Absurd Books 1 and 2

cover for So Absurd It Must Be True, book 1

So Absurd It Must Be True: funny tales for dirty minds by Victoria Ray

Reading the first story of this collection was a jolt for me, as it was different than a typical narrative of one event logically leading to another. However, I let go of my expectations and went with the flow of the story — and the rest of the book. These stories take you in unexpected directions. “Absurd” is in the title, and the book delivers.

I felt the stories have a similar energy to sketch comedy, like Monty Python, Benny Hill, and Keystone Kops. A lot of oddness, humor, and randy behavior. There’s sex in these stories — but not the kind of long, flowery paragraphs describing romance between characters. This sex is part of the rush from one zany scene to the next. Colorful innuendos are used.

Names of the characters match the quirkiness of the action: Mr. TightPants, Mrs. GrabMyHips, Ms. JawDropping. The stories are short, with some scenes that are quite short and cause the action to hop along. Also, the format of the stories shifts around, as some stories are set up like a play, with all dialogue.

This book is so outside the norm, I give the author props for coming up with such creativity. It takes courage to go in a different direction than most others. If you want to venture into unpredictable stories, sexy shenanigans, and life lessons woven into fiction — this book delivers.

cover for So Absurd It Must Be True, book 2

So Absurd It Must Be True: The collection of surreal humor, mystery, and satire by Victoria Ray

Some of the stories in this book are longer than the quick sketches-type stories of Victoria Ray’s first book of absurd stories. I like the added depth of these stories, for more story to sink your teeth into, compared to the short, quick stories. The author’s creativity remains intact from the variety of story formats, as well as the different kinds of plots: a spy tries to recall his memories, Santa Claus travels to another dimension, owners of a restaurant come up with a wild way to improve business.

As with the first book, the characters still have fun names: Mrs. CatchAGlimpse and Mr. CruelMemories. The characters don’t have as much sex as in the first book. There’s still sex dropped here and there (mostly of the oral variety), but the characters stretch out in actions beyond skin on skin.

Also as with the first book, I’m impressed with the author’s creativity and courage to play in various directions. These stories are far from the usual, and that’s a compliment. They have their own zany jumps from one scene to the next. Absurd, fun, funny, and unpredictable.


Check out Victoria Ray’s blog for updates on her writing, as well as some stories.