Sanctuary Spoiled — Drunken Pen Writing

Thanks to the Drunken Pen Writing guys for publishing my flash-fiction story “Sanctuary Spoiled” as part of October’s spooky season on their blog. They added a couple of cool images to go along with the story…

Sheila, a shut-in, finds the safety of her home ruined by something she can’t explain.

Sanctuary Spoiled — Drunken Pen Writing

The Return (full sequence) — joanne the geek

I wanted share this post from Joanne the Geek because I enjoyed it so much. She wrote a 6-part poem from the points of view of different characters in The Odyssey, showing some of the mindset of how each character is affected by Odysseus being away from home for 20 years…

Odysseus at the Laestrygonians The Return 1. Penelope Waits why do I constantly look out our window hoping to see your ship returning to its harbour? why do I listen for the sound of your footsteps echoing up to our bedchamber? but I know you too well you’ve gone after your own desires & I’m […]

The Return (full sequence) — joanne the geek

Question of the Hour Presents: Author Dave Williams — cch217

Many thanks to Megan Hinde for interviewing me. The Q&A is now up on her blog…

A twisted, haunting and enjoyable read that dives deep into the shadowy depths of one man’s mind… ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’ is a literal, metaphorical and symbolic title for a unique story that takes readers down the rabbit hole of conscience and repercussion. -Review By Lee Hall It is time once again for an author […]

Question of the Hour Presents: Author Dave Williams — cch217

Children book authors wanted for an underwater themed book — Emotion Doodles

I’m sharing this blog post from Emotion Doodles, in case any one out there would like to take a shot at writing a children’s book with underwater creatures. These drawings are very cute…

In my post Children book authors wanted I announced I was looking to collaborate with people. Your story and my drawings are ready to take of the world, or something ambitious like that 😉 I was lucky enough to had people responding to my post and we are achieving great results, but I am always […]

Children book authors wanted for an underwater themed book — Emotion Doodles

Police Officers Testify About Jan. 6

I don’t typically write about politics on my blog, but I wanted to say it’s powerful to listen today to the testimony by four police officers about the riot at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. Videos from that day were mind-blowing in the violence toward officers. The testimony from the four officers feels more detailed, as they relay their experiences of being attacked and injured.

The officers who are testifying: Harry Dunn, Aquilino Gonell, Michael Fanone, and Daniel Hodges. The first two are from the U.S. Capitol Police, and the second two are from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department.

I’m listening on NPR, and they have an article about it here.

Pure, Maniacal Evil

Go ahead and
show me any
from TV, movies, books, whatever.
show me any coiffed, charming, well-dressed,
teenage heartthrob vampire with clean,
non-blemished pale skin
and incisors so sharp they gleam and
make those little ting! sounds
like swords.

Show me any of those vampires.

None of them
repeat none
can hold a candle
to the
pure, maniacal evil
of the
blood-sucking fiends
known as mosquitoes.

Peer into “The Hidden Pocket” this weekend! — Ellen Khodakivska

I wanted to help spread the word about this free ebook … today’s the last day!

Forget-me-not, a cat and gnomes, and many other things are bosomed in “The Hidden Pocket.” Pic by congerdesign on Since something glorious is coming for me soon, I’ve decided to send a package of gratitude to the Universe. It seems to me that in my case, the best way to fill the box with […]

Peer into “The Hidden Pocket” this weekend! — Ellen Khodakivska

Super Fun Happy Book Discount – Today Only — Lee’s Hall of information

Yes kind reader you read that title right because today and today only you can grab my recently released self-help authoring and blogging guide book for just 99 cents (or equivalent)! This is a one-time super fun happy book discount* and it is unlikely we’ll ever see a discount like it again. The usual price […]

Super Fun Happy Book Discount – Today Only — Lee’s Hall of information

Congrats to the Grads

Photo of a crowd of graduates wearing caps and gowns
by Good Free Photos/Unsplash

My twin daughters are graduating from high school today, and I would like to extend a congratulations not only to them, but to the many graduates out there.

And a congratulations to all the students and teachers on wrapping up this school year. It’s been unlike any other school year, with worries about Covid-19 while juggling virtual and in-person education.

A big thank you to the teachers and school staff for their hard work to make this school year work.

I’ve listened to a particular commencement speech several times and keep coming back to it: David Foster Wallace’s This Is Water speech given at Kenyon College’s 2005 graduation ceremony. The honesty how Wallace described dull moments of everyday life. His honesty on how we can choose to view each other. That choice we have about judging others. I tear up every time I hear it.

The full speech is here. An edited version also includes video of the subject matter (instead of DFW giving the speech), and that’s here.

Awesome Recommended Indie Reads 2

I’m flattered that one of my novellas is included in Lee Hall’s round-up of indie books that he’s recently reviewed. The other books sound really intriguing.

Lee's Hall of information

It feels like a while since I last did a review post about my recent indie book reviews so here we are. From vampires to poetry and a few other wonderful stories in between, here are some awesome recommended indie reads…

Nocturnal Salvation by Villimey Mist

“My blood sings a violent song of brutality. My bloodlust surges through me, and I allow the monster to take the reigns…”

The ‘Nocturnal’ series by Villimey Mist has returned for part 3 and it gets better with each book – that’s the awesome thing about a good book series- the characters grow but so does the author. I highly recommend all of the books in this vamp-action and sometimes gory, but always satisfying series. You can read my review here.

Don’t Lose Your Head by Dave Williams

Dave Williams uses a unique blend of symbolism and metaphor to present a great story…

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