Mediterranean Philosopher (‘Ulysses’ pages 671-732)

Photo of a sailboat on the sea, with a storm approaching.
by Boba Jovanovic/Unsplash

This is the last poem in the project, as we’ve reached the last page of the Dover edition of Joyce’s Ulysses. As luck would have it, the words lent themselves to come up with a poem about Odysseus and his journey home. Well, very roughly about the journey. And, who knows, maybe one of the sailors on the ship was named Raymond.

Mediterranean philosopher
bearing formidable years:
migrations on windy sea.

Land leavetaking,
recurrent snakespiral movement
with smellow course,
everchanging travelled.

Wonder somewhere,
he lost the ways,
madly crossing where
tattarrattat music
(like breathing)
brought trouble,
snapped careless men.

Shake possessed sailors:

Captain, winds going crookeding miles,
whistling badtempered.
“Sweet horror!” said Raymond.

Castoffs sing moon heart.
Fish dances,
telling of universe deepdown.

Imperfect, the Spoonseat (‘Ulysses’ pages 620-670)

Photo of a school of fish
by Lance Anderson/Unsplash

Imperfect, the spoonseat:
wooden profundity,
metamorphoses to inverted basket.

Possible amusement:
fish on bicycles
excelled in world’s wheels games.
Power race!

Theoretical catastrophe:
Harry cut time,
making hour suppressed.

Turningpoint of nightblue atmosphere:
luminous constellations rendered unstable.
space furled, unfolded in design.
Inverted days!
Unhooked minutes!

Parrot countrybound:
course to discovery.

Soapsuddy Mind (‘Ulysses’ pages 569-619)

Photo of many soap bubbles floating in the air.
by Drew Beamer/Unsplash

Soapsuddy mind
blissfully was suggestive
without inquisitive.

Narcotic bamboozled specimen just sits.
Eggsniping scheme to study
habitually becalmed personage.

Authority was Sherlockholmesing people.
Enhances consumption
of uncertain information:
pseudo “truth.”
Brain vagaries, mind change.

Though insuppressible folk
upsetting the course:
doubt questioned propaganda.
“Utopian” society
possessed peril
to muchneeded upright life.

Note: This poem doesn’t immediately follow the previous poem’s page numbering because before this poem are a couple of blank pages and the start of Part III.

Onions Ramble, Squabbling (‘Ulysses’ pages 517-565)

A person dressed all in black and masked is holding a golden crown
by Lians Jadan/Unsplash

Onions ramble, squabbling,
carries wise dog
that thought,
I smells peaches. Yumyum!

Whokilla the laughing king?
Jauntyhatted cavaliers?
Groangrousegurgling sailor from Dalkey?

Sending police:
the ickylickysticky mystery,
thick afraid for country,
provokes gallows.
Deathflower for king.

Police revealing townsmen
towards witness.
Muttering citizen:
“Virag looms, tinkling secret.”

Understand Walks (‘Ulysses’ pages 466-516)

Photo of a woman dancing on a country road
by Clay Banks/Unsplash

Understand walks:
shall trousers be symmetry?

Steps higgledypiggledy,
glides with barefoot feetshuffling.
Supersumptuous fun!

Beware walking in melancholy pajamas.

Bubblyjocular spindlelegs
work with delights
and in brisk zigzag.

Go gently tapping,
stifflegged pace to walk sideways,
tiptouch care.

Or dance as wonderwide horseplay!
Skipping highkickers,
’twas of play:

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Trickleaps Wall (‘Ulysses’ pages 414-465)

Photo of a person running in a forest
by Jakub Kriz/Unsplash

Trickleaps wall,
vanish in blinking!

Her wolfeyes wideopen,
’twas night round.

Terrier races in the chase!
Growling lion!

In escape,
in passages unfortunate,
she bellows:
“Justice for inflamed ladies!
O, savagely nameless crowd,
lift the slipperslapper alarm!”

Murmuring torchlight procession:
fellmongers thereunto approaching,
guns powerful.

Horns arrive!
Lorry tooraloom!

She lives.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Count Cuckoo, Canarybird (‘Ulysses’ pages 363-413)

Photo of a cuckoo clock
by Kmtextor/Wikimedia Commons

“Count cuckoo, canarybird,”
the hour rightwiseness was spoke.

Doubt cast terrorcausing quiet.

Remembrance applepie youth,
clock poured tears.
’Tis running life with storms
and wibblywobbly forecast:
of joyful instances,
lonely labours.

Starborn wish:
mysteries beheld the philosopher,
whereby memory told clock:
“Hurroo! Sprung time,
you round, lurching discontent!”

Stubborn mirror gasps.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Reafforest Spare Earth (‘Ulysses’ pages 313-362)

Photo of a thick forest with lots of trees
by Brian Kimble/Unsplash

Reafforest spare earth—
land is embroidered with broadleaved life.

Pigeon changed to dragons,
rising out pigeonhouse!

The stormtossed lass whispered strange blue.
Believe in jaspberry voices
pronouncing “Puffpuff.”
Meaning: “Nature, tingling,
sang heartbroken seashore.”

Beauty was green wood wonder.
Molly had dolphin’s secrets
and knew trees:
daughters of seabirds.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Piano Lovesoft Music (‘Ulysses’ pages 262-312)

Photo of piano, with a window in the background -- and a yard can be seen through the window.
by Joshua Hoehne/Unsplash

Piano lovesoft music,
chords played florid Eden.

Hear shell: luguguubrious curlycues.
Beauty of deep moved song:
tap tip prrprr!

Chicken agreed with
superabundance of fear:
hid from rhino,
questioned snivelling barbers.
Resulting mollycoddle, deafening stinkpots.

Invigorating act starts courage—
hope/health happens heart!
Hearty tigers be in us.
Skies in music waves.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

Sixeyed House Opened About Lunch (‘Ulysses’ pages 211-261)

Photo of red house with six windows.
by Georgy Rudakov/Unsplash

Sixeyed house opened about lunch,
saying, “Peasoup!”
Girl roocoocooed,
scribbled through meal.

Wobble, comet’s jollification
slaughtered fishgluey melancholy.

Home built tomes,
prizeing books with love:
reading castle.

Whereat spoon?
In pockets clothes?

A bloowho gets gigglegold jingle:
lunchtime may console you.
Savoury laughter,
jaunty rhapsodies.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams