Duchamp Inspired

Yesterday, I posted about my visit to the Hirshhorn museum’s exhibit of Marcel Duchamp. I was inspired by his surrealistic/experimental approach to creating art. Here are the results that came out of that inspiration…

Photo of the Washington Monument flipped upside down and the top of the Monument is touching the top of the US Capitol building.

On the same overcast day as my visit to the Hirshhorn, I saw the U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument and wanted to see how they would look touching, top to top. The image makes me think of an alternate world. Some people might already consider the Capitol as an alternate world.

The Mona Lisa painting with my drawings on her of headphones, a mask over her nose and mouth, and a rose tattoo on her wrist.

Duchamp added a mustache and little chin beard to a postcard of the Mona Lisa. I added headphones, mask, and rose tattoo to give her more of a modern look.

A photo in which three shadows have been made into silhouettes, and these shapes are filled with an image of streaking white and yellow light.

I filled shadows of my daughters and me with a photo of blurred Christmas lights.

The exterior wall of a building with a grid of windows. Some of the windows have been filled with other photos, including a Ferris wheel, beach, stack of stones, and cherry blossom.

A wall of reflected memories.

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