Suspense of Ellipses

Three dots in a queue,
as if waiting for a turn
to gaze into the white abyss
of the page or screen.

What will emerge from
the depths of that milken sea?
Friendly or raging faces?
A hand to grab my throat,
or one to give me a high five?
A digital guide to take me
into the world of bytes,
or a digital moper complaining
about working hard from
the many requests of users like me?

Our imaginations can rush
into wild visions,
from realistic to impossible
(or nearly so).

Like when you’re strolling
in a new strange bustling city,
and despite your smartphone
smartly showing you
the map of streets,
it can’t show you what walks
(or slithers stomps creeps)
on those streets,
so as you turn the corner
at each intersection,
you could
stand face to face

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

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