12 thoughts on “Purple Couch

  1. A great comment made in the best possible manner Dave. The poetic is not defined by the subject matter nor the form…👍
    The poetic starts in the eye of the beholder as the numinous quality of the world. 😀
    Once upon a time a rain soaked sofa spoke to you. 🙂
    We are grateful that you shared this conversation.🙇‍♂️🙏

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    1. Agreed about poetry being what speaks to you, which could be beauty or an injustice or something unusual or the wonder in something that could be seen as ordinary, but becomes amazing with a changed perspective.

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  2. Indeed Dave. The more I write and the more I watch myself writing, the more mysterious it becomes.😀 It is such an amazing spiritual practice to me. Both writing and reading actually. 😃
    Thanks again for your thoughts provoking write.🙏

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