Returning Home from Attempted Conquest

Troop ship limped into port–
soldiers clomped to pubs or homes.
Entering his home,
the general finally allowed
his shoulders to slump.
The fire of conquest
was replaced by a hot bath,
then stew and homemade bread.
Sitting at the oak table
by his wife,
he felt that
he was a different man
than the one who left months ago.

10 thoughts on “Returning Home from Attempted Conquest

      1. Thanks for the kind words, SoundEagle. The poem is open for interpretation, as the general could have signs of PTSD. I hadn’t thought of that while writing it, as I was thinking of defeat being a burden for the general.

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        1. Dear Dave,

          You are very welcome. Thank you for the clarification about the general. I enjoyed reading the poem, in which I can sense your empathy for the general and those who have served in similar situations.

          As mentioned in my bespoke reply to your comment regarding my post about snowflakes, I have just published a new post combining poetry, visual art and science in an innovative way. This post is a vast improvement on the much older one that you previously visited. Please come and let me know what you make of my latest foray at

          Thank you in anticipation. May you have a lovely weekend soon!

          Yours sincerely,

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