Tree on the Hill

The tree on the hill had a swing hung by a thick branch that was better than any swing in a playground. Out here, away from suburban streets, the expanse of green grass and blue sky opened up. Squeals and giggles of other kids were fun on playgrounds, but sometimes there was a wish for more solitude.

That wish was true for Ellie, likely due to being in a family of four children. Noise seemed constant at home. Except for nights, when she got out of bed to go to the bathroom and the stillness of the house was startling.

The hill wasn’t as still as that. Wind made the grass sway. Birds flew about. Floating clouds decorated the sky. On the tree’s swing, Ellie felt as if she fit into all that. Completely natural to be here. Nobody questioning why she was lost in daydreaming again or didn’t talk much. A powerful and pleasing feeling to be accepted as she was.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

5 thoughts on “Tree on the Hill

  1. Beautiful post! It reminds me of when I go back to the south to visit family. While I love the city, sometimes I need to get away. I enjoy the solitude in the south. No sirens constantly blurring or loud music from the cars on the street. Only the occasional squirrel or rabbit in a bush. Great day to you and thanks for sharing.

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