Highway Poem

Photo of a highway with trees on both sides of the road and the sun glowing between trees.
by Daniel Chen/Unsplash

As my wife drives,
I close my eyes 
and enjoy the
orange sunny glow 
behind my eyelids:
flashing off 
when tree tops
block the sun,
then flashing on
in the spaces
between trees.

It reminds of
2001: A Space Odyssey,
the psychedelic part
with colors stretching
toward us viewers.

we’re on the highway’s
long black ribbon
that could be
tied to a helium balloon
(I’ve never seen
that elusive balloon)
instead of the 
vastness of space.

What if,
after I open my eyes, 
we’re in
a parallel universe?
Would we know it?

Most things could be
the same as the 
previous universe—
until we discover 
small differences,
like some sheep
have blue wool,
and sweaters 
made of their wool
are highly valued 
for softness and coziness.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

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