Book Review: ‘Still Life in Blood’

Cover of book, and the background is a detail of an abstract painting, as red and black paint mesh together.

Still Life In Blood: A Delaware State Police Homicide Unit Mystery by Crystal Heidel 

Having grown up in Rehoboth Beach, I was really curious to read this mystery novel that happens there and in nearby Lewes. The story sucked me into it, delivering plot twists and suspense. That suspense and the short chapters caused me to keep wanting to turn the pages and find out what happened next.

A heads-up: This book is not a “tea cozy” mystery. There are gory parts.

As a few women are found murdered, we go along with Detective Jack Remington and his partner Jonny Stillwater as they seek clues to track down the killer. And they try to figure out how Francesca Munro is somehow connected to the murders. Francesca does her own detective work to find out information with that same goal.

She goes by the curious nickname Frenzy. She’s an artist with a gallery in Rehoboth. But she’s more than that. She experiences visions and dreams that tell of future events — an ability that runs in her family, from Frenzy’s mother to Frenzy to possibly her niece. And her past has secrets. These add interesting aspects to the story that enrich the “whodunnit” plot line.

This is an entertaining book that combines the puzzles of the killer’s identity and Frenzy’s past with suspenseful moments. If you’re open to reading a mystery with coastal small town flavor, I recommend it.

This novel is available on Amazon.

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