Free Ebook: ‘Red Tree’

Cover of The Red Tree. The background is white. An image of a leaf-less tree is in black, with red tips of the branches.

The next ebook that can be scooped up for free is much shorter than the previous novellas. The Red Tree is free today through Friday (July 23). If you’d like to scoop up the book, click here.

A description of this story…

While rain falls for weeks, the Engler family invites friends over for an evening of dealing with cabin fever together. And when the spring sun arrives, the Englers celebrate by walking in a wooded park, where they encounter a red tree away from the trail. Guesses abound as to why the tree is red when none of the other trees are.

Life returns to normal for most of the Englers. The father, Calvin, decides the red tree was a sign for him to make changes in his life and property. Changes the family and neighbors don’t quite understand. But some family members can be eccentric, and others learn to roll with it. 

A short story about family, experiencing the mysterious, and letting your imagination loose.

Even shorter than the story is its excerpt, which can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Free Ebook: ‘Red Tree’

  1. Do you self-publish? If so, how hard is it to learn how to publish eBooks? I’ve got several collections of stories plus some short narratives i want to release as eBooks, but I don’t know where to start.

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    1. Yep, I self-publish. It’s not difficult to learn. Different directions are available. (1) You could upload a Word doc to, and they convert the Word file to ebook files and they can put your books for sale on many different websites. Problem: Draft2Digital takes 20% of your profit. (2) I’m not sure if takes a percentage, but they also can distribute your ebooks widely. Potential problem: they have a guideline you have to follow to format your Word doc, so there’s extra work. (3) You could go with only Amazon to take advantage of their Kindle Unlimited program (then KU subscribers can read your book without extra cost). If you do that, download Kindle Create. You paste your ebook’s text in there and format it, then save a file that Amazon uses. I started with Draft2Digital and didn’t sell any books for a long time, so now I’m only on Amazon (which is nice, because my printed books are available there, too). I hardly sell anything — beyond family and friends buying one of my books last year. But, from what I gather from other indie writers, that’s typical.

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