Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to Lauren over at Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose for nominating me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. She writes luminous, thoughtful pieces, and I certainly recommend checking out her blog.

The rules for nominees are to answer 11 questions posed by the person who nominated you, and then nominate 11 others for the award.

Respectfully, I’m going to pass on nominating others. I feel awkward about blogger awards.

But it wasn’t awkward to answer the questions:

  1. How do you deal with regretful situations?
    I try to learn from them. Which is an ongoing challenge… I frequently tell myself, Darn it! I should’ve said or done this instead of that when thinking about a previous situation. Ah, the benefit of having time to meditate on a situation, rather than the immediacy of being in one.
  2. What is a joyous moment for you?
    Mornings. There’s a freshness to them. It’s when I work on my personal projects: writing and drawing.
  3. When you’re inspired to write, is it in a frenzy or a controlled manner, how do the words flow onto the page?
    Depends on the day. When my writing clicks, it comes out in a rush. I love, love, love those times. Other days, however, writing is like walking through ankle-deep molasses while carrying a St. Bernard on my shoulders. At least the dog is sleeping, so it’s not squirming. That would be difficult to carry.
  4. What is the most important object in your life, and what significance does it hold for you?
    If family can be accepted in this category, that’s my answer. Family is very important to me. If we’re talking inanimate objects, I would choose photographs. They spark memories of times that are special to me.
  5. Are you a coffee or a tea person?
    Tea. Regular tea in the morning, sometimes green tea in the afternoon. Tea can bring comfort.
  6. What would be your ideal way to enjoy a Sunday?
    Going for a walk in the woods with my wife and two daughters. Or a walk through a museum.
  7. Name one hobby that you enjoy and why.
    I consider writing and drawing to be hobbies, since they’re not paying my bills. I really enjoy both of them. To name one: writing. When it clicks with me, I’m transported to another place, another time, actions playing out before me. Akin to how reading a story can transport me. But with writing, the words of action and thoughts are invented one by one in front of me, rather than all the words have already been formed and packaged into a book. And that’s wondrous.
  8. Share a treasured memory of yours?
    Going to playgrounds when my daughters were younger, seeing the joy on their faces as they ran from the slide to the swings to the climbing structure. Those were beautiful times.
  9. Name a favourite song of yours from a musical.
    Funny Face is a delightful movie, and the scene in the basement cafe is fun. I don’t think there’s singing in the song, just dancing while the musicians play jazzy/funky instrumental music.
  10. Would you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?
    Definitely an introvert.
  11. And does this affect the way you write for your blog?
    I’m not sure. I wonder… Would I write as much if I was extroverted? Or would I spend more time on other social media sites that are more fast-paced, like Facebook and Twitter? Curious stuff.

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