4 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. It’s really beautiful!

    I just started on a site called “99designs”.
    Once your profile is accepted you can enter many designer contests and if the client chooses your design, you get paid (and I think it’s quite a lot).
    It are usually shorter contests, which I personally like.

    Have you heard of it? It might something for you!

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    1. Thank you! That description of 99designs sounds familiar — I think I heard about it. But I wasn’t so sure about the time commitment. Especially if you don’t win the contest. I’ve gone more for print-on-demand, such as redbubble.com. You upload a design and put it on products (like T-shirts), and they’re for sale. You don’t have to create the products — they do it for you. And you get a percentage of the sale. I don’t make much money, but it’s nice to know that the designs are available 🙂


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