Curiously Warmbubbled Paper (‘Ulysses’ pages 53-108)

image of bubbles on a marbled background
by Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash

Here’s the second offering in my found poetry project on Ulysses by James Joyce. I’m picking a word from each page in the book and creating poems from them — about 50 words per poem. The first poem ended on page 50, which ends Part I of the book, then a blank page and a page introduces Part II. That’s why this second poem starts on page 53.

I’m enjoying the word collecting, like picking shells from a beach. Joyce was creative with words, shoving some together without hyphens.

Curiously Warmbubbled Paper (Ulysses, pages 53-108)
by Dave Williams

Curiously warmbubbled paper:
money oozed sweet butter.

Cat peeped curdling smoke,
smiled, mewed quietly in whatyoumay imagine
is in sweeeet Vienna.

Nosebags cooling headache: heaven!
Shiftylooking, glanced discreetly
at the riprippled avenue.
Waltzing eyes.

Milly traveled across,
noiselessly thwarted the redlabelled tomorrow.
Galloping gloomy carriage.

Sad toad’s paradise
must bloom after honeycombed jokes
uncovered the hole.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

2 thoughts on “Curiously Warmbubbled Paper (‘Ulysses’ pages 53-108)

  1. Awesome! The wordplay is interesting. One thing that struck me when reading Joyce’s Dubliners and Portrait of the Artist of the Young Man: It’s SO Catholic! This is neither here nor there regarding your poem project, but I wanted to mention it. I’m not sure if Ulysses is like that, either. But Dubliners and Portrait talked so much about the Catholic Church in Ireland, which is probably why I liked them so much.

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    1. Thanks Nick! The characters in ‘Ulysses’ talk religion, but I can’t say how much in depth they talk about it — since I’m scanning the pages instead of reading them. References to Shakespeare come up a lot, too.

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