6 thoughts on “Elephant vs. Dragon

    1. As what led to the illustration: I was daydreaming about what would be an interesting battle between creatures. I thought, what if water and fire canceled each other? Then the creatures who shoot those elements demanded to be drawn.

      As for the actual battle, I’ll make up something now… A dragon visits the Land of Overiyaf and freely eats any livestock he wishes. King Umach dispatches his strongest knights, but the dragon kills all of them. A farmer tells his son to ride quickly to the king’s castle and tell of the farmer’s plan. Desperate, King Umach agrees. He orders soldiers to use goats to lure the dragon into to the countryside. Awaiting there is an elephant herd, with Efu as the patriarch. The flying dragon sees the elephants as a likely feast and lands by the river. Efu, standing in the river, attacks the dragon. Shocked, the dragon breathes fire to halt the onslaught of water. The fire and water cancel each other. However, proving the strength of brother- and sister-hood, the rest of the herd joins the battle. Many jets of water hit the dragon, sizzle its scales, reduce its power, so that it gives up and flies away. Never to return to the Land of Overiyaf.

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