Rattling of Bones

Photo of skeleton decorations in a front yard. The skeletons wear flower crowns and flowers dangle from their hands.

The rattling of bones you hear is not from the skeletons shivering in winter, but from their dancing —

not dancing due to the countdown to Halloween as October’s days count up, but due to spring’s arrival —

for the skeletons like spreading joy as well as fright, as if one section of Monsters, Inc. was kept to the fear mission, and a new section was re-purposed to the laugh mission, rather than the entire factory aiming for a single mission

(which sounds limiting; this world is a complex place),

and in this season of rebirth, it’s time to feel the sun and rain on your bones and wear a crown of flowers

(because we’re all royalty in the wealth of spring),

then dance ‘round the May Pole

(or any tree will do, hug it afterwards and thank it for the lovely oxygen),

then admire the growth of leaf greens and daffodil yellows and tulip reds and tree blossom pinks and azalea purples, then smell the smells of plant life returning to the world —

one wonders if the skeletons are jealous of rebirth, if they wish for renewal of muscles and veins and nerves, wouldn’t they want to return to fullness of what they were before; however, let’s not forget:

nerves bring pain as well as pleasure, such is the dichotomy we juggle, and let’s also not forget:

if their muscles regrew, we wouldn’t hear the clackety clack clacking of dancing bones to accompany the flute and tambourine and bodhrán.

copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

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