Book Review: Light Bites

Front cover of Light Bites book

Light Bites by Helen Laycock.

The title is fitting for this book, as its short stories are on the light side, serving a delightful selection such as you might get with hors d’oeuvres served at a party.

Twelve stories are included here, ranging from singles looking for love, to a woman jealous of a neighbor, to a fairy who doesn’t feel comfortable in her skin, to a ghost attending her body’s funeral.

Humor runs through the stories, offering zings to the palate here and there. A prank doesn’t work as planned. A woman’s mission to get to the train station to pick up her husband doesn’t go smoothly. A couple on a vacation are surprised when they reach a cozy cabin. And when things don’t proceed as planned, you can laugh and make do with the happy accidents.

Of course, not all events are accidental or happy. Such as when you learn why many homeowners on a street are putting their houses up for sale. And when a women is quite underwhelmed by a man on their first date — and her reaction deepens when the man emails her what has to be the most awkward poem ever sent to someone after a first date. Or any date. The poem includes references to a scab and body hair. Yeah. You read that correctly. But at least the poem has rhyming lines.

That poem and date occur in the last story of the book, “Shaken, and Stirred,” my favorite story of this collection and the most funny to me.

If you desire lighter fare after yet another horrific event in the news or dark fiction, give this book a shot. The delightful assortment of stories just might have you smiling and chuckling.

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