The Angry Dragon

Here’s the second dragon story, as a different take than yesterday’s story. This one is still meant for young readers, though it’s a bit shorter than the first story…


The Angry Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a castle in the Land of Greengrass. A king and queen lived in the castle, along with their children, Prince Terry and Princess Mary. They were a happy family.

One day, Prince Terry and Princess Mary rode horses out of the castle. People in the village waved to the princess and prince as they passed by. Terry and Mary said cheerful “Hellos!” and “Good days!” to the villagers.

After the village were farms. The princess and prince said cheerful “Hellos!” and “Good days!” to the farmers and the grazing animals. The farmers waved back. The cows said, “Moo.” The sheep said, “Baa.” The pigs said, “Oink.”

After the farms was the forest. Terry and Mary kept going on the road and entered the forest. They liked seeing the many trees and hearing the birds chirp to each other.

Suddenly, there was a crash as tree branches snapped. A dragon landed on the road in front of Terry and Mary!

“I am Vuzgert the Terrible!” yelled the dragon, showing its sharp teeth.

The two horses stopped walking and stared in fear at the dragon. Terry and Mary patted their horses to calm them.

“Is ‘the Terrible’ really a part of your name?” asked Princess Mary.

“Yes!” roared the dragon. “I know who you are. I’m going to kidnap you and demand that the king and queen give me all their gold to get you back.”

The princess and prince drew their swords.

“You’ll have to capture us first,” said Princess Mary.

Vuzgert the Terrible rumbled with a mean laugh. He said, “You don’t have shields, and you’re not wearing any armor. I can burn you to a crisp.”

Princess Mary said, “If you burn us to a crisp, our parents won’t give you any gold. They’ll send an army of knights to come after you.”

Vuzgert the Terrible frowned and said, “Good point. I won’t burn you. Instead, I’ll fight you until you give up. Then I’ll bring you to my hideout. Then I’ll tie you up. Then I’ll fly to the castle and tell your parents to give me gold for you.”

Prince Terry raised his sword and said, “We’re not going to make it easy for you.”

“Wait a second,” said Princess Mary. “Let’s say your plan works. What are you going to do with all the gold?”

“Put it with my other gold,” said Vuzgert the Terrible.

“You don’t buy anything with it?” asked the princess.

“Nope,” said the dragon. “I don’t need to buy anything. I just find stuff to eat when I get hungry.”

“Why do you need the gold?”

“Because it’s beautiful!” yelled Vuzgert the Terrible. “It glitters in the sunlight. I love looking at it.”

“That doesn’t sound fun at all,” said Prince Terry.

The dragon snarled. “It is fun!”

“I have an idea,” said Princess Mary. “We could use your help. We’re going to build a new library that’s much bigger than the old one. You could help by lifting the heavy stones.”

“Ha!” laughed Vuzgert the Terrible. “Why would I work for you?”

“We’d give you a place to live and food,” said the princess. “Our cooks make delicious food. You could play games with the people in the castle and village. Do you play games in your hideout?”

The dragon didn’t look as angry. He said, “No. I just admire my gold.”

“Why not try something different?” asked Prince Terry. “You could have more fun.”

Vuzgert the Terrible thought for a moment, then he said, “It would be nice to try different food. And it would be nice to play some games.”

Princess Mary slid her sword back into its sheath. She said, “As long as you promise not to burn people or houses. And you don’t kill people with your claws and teeth.”

“Okay, I promise,” said Vuzgert the Terrible.

“How about you take off ‘the Terrible’ from your name?” asked Prince Terry.

“Then people wouldn’t shake in fear when they see me,” said the dragon.

“They’ll still be scared of you,” said the prince, who also put his sword away. “Until they realize you’re a nice guy.”

“I could be a nice guy?” asked the dragon.

“Sure, you can,” said Princess Mary. “People can change.”

The dragon smiled. “It’s a deal. My name is just Vuzgert from now on.”

And so, the prince and princess and dragon returned to the castle. The villagers were scared when they saw Vuzgert. But they relaxed after Princess Mary and Prince Terry explained the bargain they had made with the dragon.

Vuzgert was a big help in building the new library. He helped in other projects, such as digging a large hole for a pond, where kids loved to play. Vuzgert was given plenty of food, and he made lots of friends. He was happy with his new place to live.


Copyright © 2021 Dave Williams

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