The Number Eight Debate

drawing of people arguing, and the number 8 is lying on its side

Don’t be late
for the big debate
about the number eight.

Some people (like Nate)
think eight is great.
They say:
“How could you count from seven to nine
if eight isn’t waiting in line?”
Other people think that eight is a bore,
and they much prefer the number four.
They say:
“Just count number four twice.
Wouldn’t that work just as nice?”

Both sides argued back and forth,
past one hour, past two hours, even morth.
But who’s wrong and who’s right?
It’s not for me to pick a winner of this fight.

As the argument grew into a tizzy,
the number eight became weary.
So he lay on his side and became infinity.

Copyright © 2020 Dave Williams. Included in my book, The Dancing Fish.

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