Popcorn Tree

drawing of tree that's growing popcorn

I saw a movie last night,
munched a big bowl of popcorn.
and saved one kernel under my pillow.
Is that bad?
Please don’t scorn the corn
I saved for the morn.
’Cause I’m gonna plant it.
Yup, plant it in the earthy dirt,
cover it up with more dirt,
water it every day,
then wait and wait and wait

and wait.

There! Didyouseethat?
A little sprout,
a light green baby sprout jutting out.
Then it grows
big bigger
I measure it every day like when I stand against the wall
on my birthdays
and a new line marks how much I’m tall.
My popcorn plant grows into a tree,
now it’s much much taller than me.

Buds appear on the branches,
and when the sunlight gets good and hot,
the kernel buds explode
like firecrackers
into fluffy popcorn.
The most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted!

My parents buy land out in the country
and we plant lots and lots of kernels.
They grow into a popcorn orchard,
one… two… three…
a hundred twenty trees!
Now I get to eat all the popcorn I want,
and people drive from miles around
to eat as much as they please
from our magnificent popcorn trees.

Copyright © 2020 Dave Williams. Included in my book, The Dancing Fish.

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