The Dancing Fish

Illustration of fish dancing on surface of the ocean, as a lighthouse's light provides a spotlight

As you know, during the ocean’s day,
schools of fish swim and play.
When the sun lowers to the west,
most of them slowers to rest.
As the day switches to night,
a lighthouse switches on its light,
and Jonah swims to the surface
for fun of a different purpose.
He inhales deep, holds it in,
leaps from the water with a spin,
then he dances on waves
that become the stage he craves.
Wearing a top hat,
twirling a cane like an acrobat,
Jonah tap dances on fins,
jitterbugs with wide grins.
The lighthouse’s moving beam
makes a spotlight supreme
that Jonah follows extra quicks
while performing his tricks.
Jonah puts on a good show,
seen not just by the fish below,
also by Bob the lighthouse keeper,
with his astounded peepers.
Bob told people of the dancing fish,
but they said, “Oh sploshy splish,
you were just dreaming.
Your imagination was gleaming.
Fish do no such thing,
just like they don’t sing.”

What about you, dear reader?
Of frolicking fish, are you a believer?

Copyright © 2020 Dave Williams. Included in my book, The Dancing Fish.

A full-color version of this drawing is available on T-shirts and other products on my Redbubble store.

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