Minimalist Posters

I’m a big fan of minimalist design. To distill something down to the essence is akin to creating a logo and writing poetry, and it’s impressive when done well. This is true with minimalist posters —for examples check out’s article with ones of classic children’s literature and a Tumblr showcasing minimalist posters of movies.

But what if the minimal goes too far? What if the concept being represented becomes too abstract? The design could become so hard to figure out that the poster needs an explanation to accompany it; otherwise, the viewer is left scratching his/her head and thinking, “Huh?” Some examples might be these…

Minimalist poster of Thor smiting his enemies

Minimalist poster of the dangerous seduction of vampires

Minimalist poster of regrowth of trees after forest fire

Minimalist poster of a circle at a party jealous of another circle

Minimalist poster of being given all your dreams

Minimalist poster of the four seasons

For the last one, I didn’t add a title because liked the abstractness without text. The circles depict the four seasons.

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