Book Review: Possession of Natalie Glasgow

Today’s review is of The Possession of Natalie Glasgow, by Hailey Piper.

Eleven-year-old Natalie Glasgow has been acting very strangely at night, and her single mom is understandably concerned. Natalie has gotten out of bed and walked around the house, causing the floorboards to creak from a weight that’s heavier than her actual size. And Natalie has been eating raw meat from the fridge.

The mother, Heather Glasgow, asked a midwife/witch, Margaret Willow, to observe Natalie’s odd behavior to see if she could help. From there, the two women try to figure out what being is possessing the girl and try to get rid of the spirit.

I like that Hailey Piper didn’t snatch low-hanging fruit for the source of the possession of young Natalie Glasgow. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but let’s say rather than offering an easy explanation for the possession, the story has an interesting take on it.

As the story progresses, you keep wondering about the mystery behind the possession, so you’re in the same situation as Natalie’s mom (Heather) and her helper (Margaret), a midwife/witch. These two characters act as detectives in pursuing the mystery so they can help poor Natalie.

The momentum of the book kept my interest going, and the story broadens a bit to include some of Heather’s history before the possession occurs. There’s not a lot of her and Natalie’s back story, but parts are highlighted as to how they affect the family’s current situation.

The story wraps up with a satisfying conclusion — I didn’t feel cheated by the twist. It fits nicely into the story’s weaving. A solid horror story when you want a pretty quick read.

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