Book Review: Daylight Chasers

Today’s review is of Daylight Chasers, by Rue Sparks.

Poems bookend the novella’s main text, and the poems refer to myth (Atlas, the beginning poem) and fairy tale (Red Riding Hood, the end poem). To me, these poems extent the novella’s message: developing strength after the loss of someone beloved.

Daylight Chasers LLC provides quite a creative service — I imagine most people would jump at the chance to partake in memorable adventures crammed into a day that’s extended by moving into time zones to keep up with the sun.

Isabella goes on such a day with her hosts Keenan and Billy. These adventures (one is superbly illustrated on the front cover) provide a sense of wonder for things in the world that rise far above the ordinary. When the adventures don’t go smoothly, it forms a current in the book of rolling with the changes that happen in life.

I liked how the characters navigated this nearly never-ending day. Isabella rolls with those changes. Keenan starts with wanting to record everything on his phone’s camera, to create a video to showcase what his business offers. But he shifts away from a corporate mindset as the day continues.

This is a lovely, hopeful book.

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