Book Review: Beginnings

Beginnings book cover

For today’s book review, I’m shifting to poetry. The book is Beginnings, by Judy Ferrell.

When I learned that Judy lives in southwestern Virginia, I was quite curious about her poetry. I have often visited the Blue Ridge Parkway, and have enjoyed the area. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there’s a rich culture.

Added to that culture are the poems in this book. There’s a directness in these poems. They celebrate the comfort of home, love of family and friends, nature, and music. They don’t shy away from talking about the pains of being misunderstood, loneliness, and heartbreak. They meditate on dreams, time, and sources of happiness.

As the book’s blurb states, the poems are about Judy’s journey. Starting on a farm, as the second poem describes, that’s a wonderful and loving environment. The journey from there has difficulties, and scars can come from those. But, as Judy writes, scars can be seen as “beautiful pieces of art.” Joys have also been found on the journey, and Judy describes them well.

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