Book Review: Everyone’s a Aliebn

Everyone's a Aliebn book cover

Today’s book review is of a graphic novel: Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book, by Jomny Sun.

This graphic novel presents simple illustrations with dialogue (with lots of misspellings) about deep issues.

Jomny, an alien, is put on Earth to learn about humans. An interesting note is that Jomny looks different than the other aliens that brought him to our planet (the aliens also come to check up on Jomny). The other aliens have skinny rectangular heads, while Jomny’s head is shaped like a bean. So right away, he seems like an outsider among the creatures from his own home.

Here on Earth, Jomny chats with many creatures and non-creatures. The characters skip small talk and go for those deep issues. But the conversations don’t feel heavy. Instead, they’re sweet and tender and warm. It’s like a friend telling you it’s okay to be lonely and sad. That these feelings have a role to play in life. That sadness doesn’t last forever.

One of the many pleasures of reading is the moment when you think, “I’m not alone in feeling this.” The characters in this book did that for me as they spoke of fear of the unknown and trying to be creative and feeling small in the world and remembering loved ones.

There’s humor among all this deepness. Nothingness (who is a character) decides to leave, and there’s quite a consequence. An egg wants to become a frog. Birds call the sun a lentil and worry that when it sets, there will be eternal darkness. Of course, the sun rises again, and there is no eternal darkness. This book is like a reminder that lightness returns after darkness.

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