Tiger Puzzle

In this dire situation,
I am stuck in an apartment’s
locked room with a ferocious tiger,
and the only windows are two small ones
high up on the wall, close to the ceiling.

How to escape? I dash at the locked
door, shoulder against it, trying to crash
it down. But my ridiculous attempt
only amuses the tiger, and it
smiles/snarls as if it knew I was
going to try that,
and then it eats me—
starting with my feet and working up.

However, as hair is indigestible,
the beast throws up my head. This
disgusting sound alerts a passerby
in the hallway beyond the door,
and they, in turn, alert the authorities
who arrive, bash down the door,
and capture the tiger.

A scientist extracts DNA from my hair
and regrows me from a cell back into
a fully formed person.

However, my memories are not
carried with me, and so I am surprised
when I show up to an appointment
in an apartment building and
the door shuts behind me, the
lock clicks, and a deep, throaty
snarl comes from the shadowy
corner of the somehow familiar

3 thoughts on “Tiger Puzzle

    1. I haven’t seen that episode yet, but I’ve been watching Twilight Zone off and on, since it’s available on Netflix — which I’m very happy about. I’ll have to search for that particular episode. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my poem!

      Liked by 1 person

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