Refining My Focus

For several years, I kept a blog to post my writing, drawings, and photos — and I had a load of fun doing it. I got to share the things I created with the WordPress community, and I got to see what works the creative community was putting out there.

Then, at some point in 2014, my blogging momentum dramatically reduced, so my posting became more and more infrequent. I still sketched and wrote on the side, but I didn’t keep up with my blog as I previously did. This shift in momentum was due to some hectic times with my work (I’m a freelance graphic designer) and other issues going on in my life. It was a time I needed to take a break from my blog and focus on other things.

During that break, I figured I was stretching myself too thin by attempting to accomplish many different projects on top of my main job. All those personal projects piled up and up, eventually becoming unwieldy.

So I decided to focus on primarily writing as a personal project. Writing fiction was my choice for what I wanted to do when I grow up. Going back to it now feels like a rediscovery. While juggling those other projects, I wrote flash fiction (pieces fewer than 1,000 words), and they seemed to have served as stepping stones on my wish to write longer stories. I’m about to self-publish a novella of 46,000 words, and it feels wonderful to finish it. The story’s the longest piece of fiction I’ve completed. I’ll say more on that in another blog post, letting you know that it’s been published.

Returning to mostly writing has also clarified my love of story. It’s always been there, in enjoying reading novels and watching TV and movies. But now, maybe I’m looking at that love with clearer eyes. It could be that I’ve been reading more actively, with an eye toward appreciating the craft of the story — rather than just being entertained by it. I’m sure I’ll come back to my love of story in many future posts. It’s something that’s hit me hard in the past year, as I have valued the ability of writers to bring me into worlds through their words.

If you’d like to follow along in my journey of writing and appreciating story, please subscribe. I’ll probably post some flash fiction on this blog, but in the meantime, you can read my very short stories at my old blog, Zooky World (the name came from wanting an easy-to-remember word, as I couldn’t think of another way to describe the various things I posted on the blog). Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Refining My Focus

  1. Best to you Dave.
    I am techno challenged or I would download the free book.
    I started out as a poet by I have gotten into flash fiction which is usually just a page long. I don’t really bother to count words except for this one site which restricts you to 99 words including the title.

    Here’s my fiction place if and when you have the time to visit. I’ve got oodles of serial pages up there at the top.
    Again Good Luck and much success to you.

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    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Jules. I think it’s really neat you also write flash fiction in addition to poetry — both have their benefits and challenges. I’ll certainly go to your flashy fiction page and check it out 🙂

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  2. I guess a lot of writers share the same journey. 😉 Write fervently for a few years, lose interest/get writer’s block, try to do too many things, and find their way back again. I am glad you found yours and completed your novella. I absolutely loved it when you mentioned, “… reading more actively, with an eye toward appreciating the craft of the story — rather than just being entertained by it.” A story connects with you better that way, doesn’t it?

    I’m so glad I came across your blog. I’ll definitely look forward to more of your awesome writing.

    Thank you for visiting mine and leaving your thoughts on my posts. I really appreciate it.



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